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Revore™: Smart collection system

The Revore collection system has been developed to collect a wide range of consumer products. From circular packaging such as reusable food boxes and takeaway coffee cups to virtually any non-hazardous product within certain size limits.

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Revore - smart collection machine by GRIN

Automatic and secure returns, removing manual labour, and making collection available 24/7 anywhere.

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Revore™: Core functionalities

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End user identification / product tracking

Front camera and QR code reader identify end-users or products for return access.

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Always connected

Connection through local or mobile network sends data to our cloud based system and we make it available through API integrations or dashboards.

Product agnostic

Our smart collection system can collect a wide range of products, also beyond packaging, as long as they are within the following dimensions:

Revore Hatch size 298mm x 108mm
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Bin full alerts

Physical measurements of the inner bin trigger notifications for staff regarding emptying and alert for errors or issues requiring attention:
SMS; In-app notifications; E-mail and more.

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AI validation of returned products

Internal sensors identify, validate and document what has been returned through use of image recognition and machine learning. Both tagged and untagged products.

Selection of projects

Our solutions are applicable to many different use cases. From mobile app based reuse systems to traditional deposit-return-systems. Check out some of the selected cases below for inspiration 👇

DSS and Compass Group Project
GRIN’s Projects

DSS and Compass Group

Reuse solution for canteens

City of Oslo project
GRIN’s Projects

City of Oslo

Phasing out single use plastics

DICE Project
GRIN’s Projects


Digital Health in the Circular Economy

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Frequently asked

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What products can your machine collect?

Any product that fits through the hatch of the collection machine can be collected. Maximum width: 298 mm. Maximum height: 108 mm. For very large projects, the size of the hatch can be customized.

What are the installation requirements?

They are pretty much plug and play. A floor space of 800 x 800 mm, a standard wall socket (100-230VAC, 2A, 50/60Hz) and access to local or mobile network (the machines can be delivered with pre-installed SIM cards) is required.

How does integration with third party applications work?

All the data to- and from the machines goes through our back-end system which we make available through API:s or through custom integrations. Data is also made available through dashboards and custom reports.

How does the business and pricing model look like?

Software-and-hardware-as-a-service. The machines are provided together with a selection of data and digital services on a subscription plan, with custom solutions paid for as one-time-fees.