Smart collection systems for the
circular economy:







We help companies get their circular products back from consumers. Enabling new circular ecosystems and business models for anything from reusable packaging to medical devices to electronics.

Smart collection system by GRIN

Our Product: Revore™

AI powered and sensor equiped. It controls access, validates returns and makes all the data necessary for efficient reverse logistics available in real time. Integrating with any third party application.

Revore in action: scan

GRIN’s Projects:

DSS and Compass Group:

Reuse solution for canteens.

Revore in action: return

GRIN's Projects:


Circular healthcare

Revore in action: validate

GRIN Projects:

City of Oslo

Phasing out single use plastics.

Icon "Safe and robust"
Safe and robust

Durable steel casing built to endure outdoor conditions and resist forced entry.

Icon "Alerts and alarms"
Alerts and alarms

Sends customized alerts for box maintenance or emptying needs.

Icon "API Intergration"
API integration

Back-end system offers data, analytics, and insights for third-party applications.

Icon "Custom graphics"
Custom graphics

Customized painting for brand design or informational needs.

Icon "Modular design"
Modular design

Different functionalities and features can be removed and added based on the use case.

Icon "Sensor technology"
AI and sensor technology

Detects, identifies and validates returned items.

Designed in Norway.

Made in Norway.

Worldwide impact.

GRIN’s Projects

From linear to circular; world leading collection solutions

We work with global partners, pioneering circular innovation and disrupting linear industries. Currently providing our solutions to some of the world's biggest companies within facility management, food service and healthcare in Europe.

GRIN’s Project: DSS - Reusable food packaging.

GRIN’s Projects:

Reuse solution for canteens

DICE: Circular healthcare. Daniel Millet presentation.

GRIN's Projects:

Circular healthcare

City of Oslo: Presentation

GRIN's Projects:

Phasing out single use plastics

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Frequently asked questions

More questions? Feel free to contact us

What products can your machine collect?

Any product that fits through the hatch of the collection machine can be collected. Maximum width: 298 mm. Maximum height: 108 mm. For very large projects, the size of the hatch can be customized.

What are the installation requirements?

They are pretty much plug and play. A floor space of 800 x 800 mm, a standard wall socket (100-230VAC, 2A, 50/60Hz) and access to local or mobile network (the machines can be delivered with pre-installed SIM cards) is required.

How does integration with third party applications work?

All the data to- and from the machines goes through our back-end system which we make available through API:s or through custom integrations. Data is also made available through dashboards and custom reports.

How does the business and pricing model look like?

Software-and-hardware-as-a-service. The machines are provided together with a selection of data and digital services on a subscription plan, with custom solutions paid for as one-time-fees.